Tropical fish are part of a fragile ecosystem that requires consistent, careful, and attentive care. In addition to the fish you have, there are certainly other factors to consider, such as how you look after them and the environment. To help you in taking care of your tropical fish, there are several tips that you may follow and some of them will be discussed in the following.

First, it is better for you to choose a strong fish to take care of. When choosing the fish to be put into the aquarium, you better choose a stronger fish species. Certain types of fish are more able to survive in environments with high levels of ammonia and nitrite, which are very likely to be contained by your aquarium today. Some examples of strong fish such as danio, gurami, livebearer and Flowerhorn fish.

You should note to not put vulnerable fish species into a new aquarium environment because they are unlikely to survive. You can ask the employees at the store where you will buy the fish to help you choose a suitable fish for your new aquarium. You should also know to not put too many fish into the aquarium. You must not put more than three fish in a week or you will increase the ammonia content in the aquarium environment to a toxic level, which can kill your fish.

After choosing the type of the fish, you can try to introduce the new fish to its new environment in the aquarium gradually. You should not put new fish directly into the aquarium. The new fish needs to adjust to the temperature of the aquarium, and putting it directly into the new water can cause significant stress on the fish.

There are several ways that you can do to introduce the new fish to the aquarium. First, you can turn off the light so that the bright light will not disturb the new fish. For freshwater fish, you can dip the plastic in which the fish is stored for you to take home into the aquarium for approximately half an hour. Then, you can open the plastic bag, add enough aquarium water into it and leave for at least 15 minutes. After that, you need to remove the fish with the nets slowly and lift the plastic bag when the fish has been removed. Let the aquarium lights remain dead for several hours or until the next day. For seawater, you should first quarantine your new fish in a separate tank before putting it in your aquarium.